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Women’s hands, heavy with diamonds, stirred coffee in tiny cups or alighted playfully on a neighboring sleeve.
-Kennedy Fraser, New Yorker. 1984

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Belenky Brothers has a long and rich history spanning many generations of the same family. We are renowned for our never-ending quest for the cutting edge in designs, rare and beautiful precious gemstones, unique approaches to gem cutting, and internationally respected fine artists. In this pursuit we regularly travel the globe visiting the world’s greatest art and fashion centers in London, Paris, Switzerland, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Africa and Asia. We truly have our finger on the pulse of the global scene.

In this vast world of constant change, it can be a daunting experience trying to select the right jeweler. Fortunately every once in a while, an important fine establishment gets rave reviews by their clients as well as the press.

Belenky Brothers fine jewelry and art is the ultimate destination for the discriminating individual.